Ditch the 9-5. Take back control of your time. Live life on your terms. Follow what thousands of others have already done. You're just one product away from building a business that can completely change your life!
What would you do with an extra $8,000 in profit per month?
Maybe you'd quit your day job... 

Or maybe you'd start saving for your kid's college fund...

How about traveling the world or climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Perhaps you've always wanted to live in a different country?

With the right business model, all of these things are entirely possible... 

and completely within your reach.
What would you do with an extra $8000 in profit per month?
Maybe you'd quit your day job... Or maybe you'd start saving for your kid's college fund..
How about traveling the world to climb Mt Kilimanjaro? 
Perhaps you've always wanted to live in a different country?

With the right business model, all of these things are entirely possible... 
and completely within your reach.
The Trillion Dollar Juggernaut...
Last year, Amazon generated a whopping $170 billion in revenue and continues to grow rapidly. They've completely taken over the retail world completely by storm.

More than 50% of all online transactions in the US takes place on And in 2018, Amazon is projected to gross over $220 BILLION in sales!! That is a $50 billion dollar increase from 2017, meaning there are literally billions of dollars up for grabs for people like you and me.

Amazon has equalized the playing field with their infrastructure, giving someone with just a LAPTOP  equal access to customers and the ability to compete with some of the largest brands in the world, head on.

There is no better time than NOW  to start a profitable, long-term Amazon business. 
Selling on Amazon is a FORMULA
Collectively, we've launched over 300+ Private Label products on Amazon and grossed over $35M in sales in the past 4 years alone. If there's anything we've learned, it's this - selling on Amazon is a formula.

If you know how to...

1) Choose the right products with the right numbers
2) Evaluate your competition effectively and
3) Utilize an effective product launch strategy...

Building a PROFITABLE Amazon business is entirely within your reach.

Consider this - as of now there are over 800,000 people making $100,000 per year in sales on Amazon. With a projected growth rate of 30%, that means that this year there will be more than 240,000 NEW FBA Sellers making over $100K annually!
Why can't that be you?
Introducing Seller Tradecraft
Your all-in-one step by step course for launching an Amazon business, no matter where you are in your journey...
It doesn't matter whether you're a first, second, or third time entrepreneur. Our battle-tested system shows you -- step by step -- how to launch your private label products into profitability on the Amazon platform.
We've spent YEARS digging in the trenches and actually putting in the work to sell private label branded products on Amazon. Our team grosses over $15,000,000 per year selling ONLY private label branded products on Amazon across ALL categories. Everything we teach on this course has actually been implemented by people who have created ACTUAL multi-million dollar empires on Amazon.

Most courses teach you only how to use Amazon as a platform to launch any product. That's easy.

We teach you that AND the hard part, which is actually showing you how you can identify the right product to sell with minimal risk, how you can evaluate your competition, and most importantly, how you can implement our real-world strategies to build a real, long-term, sustainable business the will last into the future.
This is a MASSIVE opportunity, and it's only getting bigger by the minute. We will teach you:
  • How to find the RIGHT product opportunity to launch
  •  How to identify competitive niches and avoid them
  •  Product selection pitfalls to avoid, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes
  •  How to beat your competition by merchandising your products early on
  • How to dominate your niche and maintain brand dominance on Amazon
  • How to minimize your costs by negotiating better terms with your suppliers
  • How to optimize your inventory planning process and minimize stockouts
  •  How to create a brand that resonates with customers across the globe 
  •  How to create and optimize profitable pay-per-click campaigns to drive traffic and sales
  •  How to optimize your listings for launch to maximize results
  •  How to launch your products to the front page to drive organic sales
  • How to drive reviews to your listing
  •  How to scale your business and maintain your listings in the face of heated competition
  • How to develop a multi-million dollar business mindset
Over 16 Hours of Actionable Content
$3997 Value
  • Content: Modules are broken up into 7 different chapters so that you can easily follow along.
  • Walkthroughs: We go beyond just powerpoints, we also walk you through HOW to implement specific tasks and strategies.
  • Mindset: Not only do we teach you strategies and tactics, we also offer motivationals insights along the way to move you along your journey.
    Private FB Group Community
    $997 Annual Value
    • Facebook Live Q&A: Access to hands-on bi-monthly facebook live calls with 7 & 8 figure coaches
    •  Webinars: Special webinars with subject-matter experts on all things related to Amazon.
    •  Camaraderie: Share your wins! Losses! Everything is easier when you have a group who shares the same mindset.
      Accelerated Resource Vault
      $997 Value
      • Procedure Docs: Get access to specific templates and procedure docs used by us to help you hit the ground running.
      • Vetted Services: Access to discounted and pre-vetted vendors that we use personally for freight forwarding, software, and logistics, and more.
      • Bonus Videos: Get access to bonus footage and interviews with successful Amazon and ecommerce sellers.
        Here are just SOME of the things that you'll learn in our course...
        FBA Fundamentals & Glossary
        • Learn and Understand Key Amazon Lingo and Terminology from the Get Go
        • Understands the Ins and Outs of Key Financial Metrics to Help Understand Your Business Health from the Top Down
        Product Selection Strategy
        • Learn our Proven 6 Commandments to Selecting the RIGHT Product to Private Label
        • How to Identify Low Competition Niches to Maximize Your Probability of Success
        • The Monopoly Method, and How We've Used it to Scale to over $10+ Million in Yearly Revenue
        • Understand How We Incorporate the Trending Method into Our Selection Strategy
        • BONUS - Access to Our Proven Product Evaluation Template
        Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Logistics
        • Step by Step Walkthrough of How to Effectively Leverage Alibaba
        • How Much Inventory to Order to Minimize Your Upfront Risk
        • Learn to Communicate with Suppliers to Negotiate Pricing and Avoid Manufacturing Scams like a Pro!
        • How to Utilize BOTH Air and Sea Shipments to INCREASE Your Margins!
        • BONUS - Get Access to Our ACTUAL Freight Forwarder (Best Prices)
        • BONUS - How to Plan Inventory to Avoid Stockouts
        Pre Launch Preparation
        • Learn Business Fundamentals - Corporate Structures, Wire Accounts, Etc
        • How to Optimize Your Listing in a Way that Drives the Most Sales and Conversions
        • How to Create Photos that Generate Optimal Sales without Breaking the Bank
        • Understand the Ins-and-Outs of How to Create a STELLAR Listing that Sells
        • Learn to Conduct Keyword Research Like a Pro and Optimize for Maximum Sales
        • BONUS - Get Access to Our Pre Launch SOP so NOTHING is Missed!
        PPC Blitz Launch and Implementation
        • Learn How to Create High Converting PPC Campaigns from the Start
        • Learn How to Structure and Organize Your Campaigns for Scale and Growth
        • Step by Step Walkthrough of How Everything is Implemented on the PPC Platform
        • Get Access to our Proven PPC Blitz Strategy, Guaranteed to Drive Sales with Maximum Traction at Launch
        Complete Product Launch Strategy
        • Learn how to Decode Amazon's A9 Algorithm to Drive MASSIVE Sales
        • How to Launch Your Product Successfully with Virtually ZERO Giveaways
        • Learn Key Best Practices for Launching Your Products with Software
        • Get Access to the All New Ballz to the Wallz 2.0 Projections Spreadsheet so that you know EXACTLY how much you're making on any given order
        • Learn to Utilize Amazon's FREE Internal Software to Exponentially Increase Sales!
        • BONUS - Learn How to Utilize Facebook Boost to BOOST Product Reviews!
        Post Launch Optimization
        • Specific Strategies on How to Differentiate and Blow Past Competitors
        • Learn About Specific Levers and Tactics Used to Drive Increased Traffic and Conversions
        • Learn How to Optimize Your Keyword Ranking and Indexing for Maximum Sales
        • Strategies to Drastically Improve Your Conversions by up to 10% 
        Bonus Module: PPC Optimization
        • Learn from a PPC Master Who Has Scaled 8 Figure Accounts!
        • Learn the Levers for Driving Maximum Revenue with Minimal Cost in PPC
        • Learn How to Manipulate Levers for Improved Traffic and Conversions
        • How to Continually Find Additional Keywords to Drive Increased Conversions
        • How to Manage Your Bids & Cut Bleeders to Drive Down Costs Across the Board
        MEET ESTHER...
        "I can’t say enough great things about the Private Label MBA because they gave me all of the tools and guidance that I needed from selecting the right product, sourcing that product, launching it, and even managing PPC and getting reviews. I recently launched my first product, and it has generated over $8,000 in profit per month with over a 300% ROI. 

        That ONE product has given me the lifestyle that I’ve always wanted and really changed my life."
        Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves...
        The Seller Tradecraft Squad
        Combined Yearly
        Total Private Label Products Launched
        Combined Cumulative
        Anthony Bui-Tran
        Anthony built his first million dollar Amazon business at the age of 23, and has since empowered thousands of others to learn from his journey.

        Specialties: Private Label, Influencer Marketing, Mindset, Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage.
        Fernando Cruz
        Fernando built a $15M / year private label empire in less than 4 years, with over $35M in cumulative sales under his belt. 

        Specialties: Private Label, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Product Development, Retail Partnerships
        Nick Young
        Nick built a $15M / year private label business within 4 years, and has launched 300+ SKUs on Amazon alone.

        Specialties: Private Label, Product Launches, PPC, Marketplace SEO Optimization
        We have been featured on...
        Here are just SOME of the things our students are saying about us...
        Esther K
        Benjamin T
        Eric D
        Frankie N.
        Join thousands of sellers who have completely changed their lives from one single product
        Seller Tradecraft Private Label MBA
        $2,997  $2,497
        One Time
        • 16+ Hours of Video Content
        • Tons of Templates and Process Docs
        • Access to Private Facebook Group with Insider Knowledge
        • Bi-Monthly Q&A with 7 and 8 Figure Mentors
        • Access to All Updates and New Videos
        • Priority Access and Pricing for Upcoming Mastermind and Events
        ...and more discounts from other partners!
        How long is the course?
        The course contains more than 16 hours of content if watched straight through. When consumed in conjunction with the actual execution of your business, the total time should take around 12-15 weeks.
        Is this for beginners or advanced Amazon Sellers?
        The best part of the Private Label MBA is that it has so much content that it provides incredible value for both beginners and advanced advertisers. Beginners will find topics like the FBA Fundamentals and the Sourcing sections incredibly valuable. Advanced sellers will find topics like product launch, product selection, and PPC strategy to be just as valuable.
        How long do I have access to the Private Label MBA?
        Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to the Private Label MBA, which includes all the course content and the private Facebook group. We plan to regularly update the course to keep in line with Amazon's regular changes and updates to ensure that the course is always up-to-date. 
        What if I'm not satisfied with the Private Label MBA?
        We want you to be beyond satisfied with your purchase! While a lot of courses will simply refund your payment no matter what, we want to ensure that our students are equally invested in their own success. So if you have completed the course and have actually taken action towards implementing and executing as outlined in the course then we will issue a refund. For all refunds, we require proof that steps have been taken towards actually creating your business as follows:

        - Seller Central Account Setup
        - First Product Sourced and Arrived at FBA Warehouse
        - PPC Campaigns Setup
        - 60 Days of History with the Listing
        What if I can't afford the full payment?
        We offer a payment plan option, which breaks the one-time payment up into 4 smaller monthly payments of $757. Please note that the payment plan amounts to $531 more than the one-time payment. To access the purchase page for the monthly payment option, please click here.
        What if I have questions or problems?
        All students have access to our private Facebook group where they can ask any questions. Our team monitors the group daily. If you have urgent or very specific questions you can email us directly at
        Enroll today to find the product that could change your life.
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